EARLY TAPES 1977-1982

LP(レコード)(10) 2,700円(税込)


これは強烈! インドネシアのポップ職人、FARIZ RMが残した1977-82の初期カセット音源のなかから珠玉のトラックのみをコンパイルした作品! 誰もが口ずさめるポップなメロディにのせて、クラビとストリングスがきらめくディスコ・チューンから、シンセとチョッパー・ベースが躍動する軽快なラテン・フュージョンまでを収録した全9曲。これはソウル、ディスコ・ファンはもちろん、和モノや80'Sポップ・ファンにまで推薦したい一枚! LTD 500 COPIESとのことなのでお早目のご購入を推薦します。

Originally classical piano backgrounds through his mother and some of Indonesia’s legendary classical music virtuoso, Fariz made his own historical moments as he became Indonesia’s legendary Pop Icon of the eighties. Throughout his unique talent as a multi instruments musician, Fariz wrote not less than 1,760 songs within his magnificent years between 1980-2000 and still leading the role as one of the most demanded Indonesian legendary performer and producer ever noted by history. During his brilliant career, Fariz collaborated with most famous names in the business, locally and internationally. This stunning compilation of incredible and hard to find tracks covering his early years from 1977 to 1982. - Remastered from original sources in collaboration with the artist - Strictly Limited Edition of 500 copies - First reissue ever of collector’s material



  • A1. Selangkah Keseberang (feat. Iis Sugianto)
  • A2. Secita Cerita
  • A3. Penawar Perindu
  • A4. Sakura side
  • B1. Kurnia Dan Pesona
  • B2. Mega Bhuana (feat. Anita Carolina Mohede)
  • B3. Nada Cinta
  • B4. Cermin Noda
  • B5. Semusim


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