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毎度リリースが楽しみなUK MATASUNAレーベル最新作。60年代ペルー・ポップの伝説的プロデューサーで、現代ペルー・ポップの礎を築いたと評される ENRIQUE LYNCH と、その自身が率いたバンドが、ついに登場!!
ペルーと言えば的なチーチャとは対照的で爽やかな音色が心地よいワウ・ワウ・ギターに、オルガンとブラスのハーモニーがバツグン、疾走感たっぷりのファンクは、フロアキラー間違いないでしょう。ちなみにB面の元ネタが、1970年代を代表するファンキー・インスト・グループ THE NITE LITERS "K-JEE" ってだけで買いな方も多いはず。さらに、なかなか良い状態で見つからないペルー盤ですが、本作はマスターテープ音源からということなので、音も期待大。ちなみに "AFRICAN BUMP" のオリジナル7inchには、KC & THE SUNSHINE BAND "THAT'S THE WAY (I LIKE IT)" の謎のダサいスペイン語カバー収録もあってかそこそこ高いHARD TO FINDな一枚。ラテン鈴木

Matasuna Records has once again unearthed two Latin gems for its latest release: two rare tracks by Argentina-born musician Enrique Lynch. Lynch moved from Argentina to Peru in the 1960s and became artistic director and producer of the Sono Radio label. He released an astonishing amount of albums with his various bands over the span of nearly three decades.
The two songs will be available together on a vinyl single for the first time - and the track from the flipside will also be released on a 7inch for the first time. For this official reissue Matasuna was lucky enough to have access to the original master tapes. The tracks were carefully restored and remastered in Lima (Peru).
African Bump is one of Enrique Lynch's greatest tracks and the original 7inch is much sought after by collectors and DJs alike. The song immediately captivates the listener as the Wah Wah guitar begins to play and enters into perfect harmony with organ and brass. A thrilling disco funk beat, rhythmic percussion elements and a hypnotic hookline spice up the track and show what great musical treasures South America has to offer.
On the flipside there's a great cover version of the Soul and Funk anthem K-Jee by American band The Nite-Liters, which had a hit with this song in 1971 and even entered the billboard charts. Enrique's version adds some extra grooves with killer beats and breaks, a heavy bassline and wild percussion parts. A distinctive horn section meets funky guitar riffs and deep organ sounds. A fantastic funk tune that will set any dance floor on fire!


  • 1African Bump
  • 2K-Jee


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